City Engine Presentation

Last week we attended a small presentation concerning a procedural modeling software called city engine. The reason of this event is the merging of the existing city engine software with esri’s next release of ArcMap 10.2

This presentation took place in Athens. The main speaker was Mr. Gert Van Maren.

Procedural Inc. was acquired by Esri in the summer of 2011. As I understood by the presentation, City Engine wont stop its standalone release due to a lot of clients not be interested in GIS oriented applications but rather focused on more media oriented tasks.

The speech was really interesting and I enjoyed it a lot (I didn’t fall asleep, like I usually do in such occasions when the presentations are dull and boring). Although to really absorb the info presented by Mr Gert Van Maren you had to at least try the software prior, in some extend. Because otherwise everything sounded easy and magical. He didn’t focus that much on the difficulty of rule writing, especially when modeling existing cities. He did though present a graph that stated that initially even conventional handmade models could be faster than procedural modelling. But once the rules were well defined and established the times for future projects could be scaled down to a tenth.

The only annoying thing about the whole presentation was the speech of the Greek esri representative, that besides the endless irrelevant topics he touched, he appeared to have an attitude of selling tomatoes instead of a 3D procedural GIS modeling software.

press more to see a live example of they web-GL implementation


Hello to everyone out there. This is my first post so bare with me (not counting hello world one, obviously). First of all welcome.

Before I write anything worthy I ought to give a brief description of what we intent this blog to be. We are three friends and co-workers working mainly, but not confined (our boss from times to times got some weird ideas on software development, other good, other not that good) to custom GIS oriented applications, whether they are web based or desktop ones.

In this blog, personally I will be focusing in writing about work experiences, specific or vague, depending on the mood. Various conferences and speeches we attend, code of course … all though most code related stuff and questions, in my humble opinion can be pretty much be resolved in other Internet means e.g.

So we are here to have fun while typing, more or less we walk on a road carved by “fun with flags” :P

Hello world!