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This year we attended for yet another time the Esri Dev Summit in London.

This year was way better than last year, from every aspect. ESRI was way more organised, had better quality in presentations (though there were a few exceptions) plus a lot of amazing innovations. Also the food was more “interesting”.

They claim that they improved the whole conference based on last year’s feedback, and I definitely believe them. So thumbs up on that, even if the conference began with a fire drill, driving everyone outside in the cold (same thing happened last year…in a couple of years it might end up as a conference ritual).

We managed to attend 20 out of 37 sessions (we were only a team of two people). We did miss a few sessions that we were really interesting in participating.

The most interesting topics where

“Building Disconnected Apps with runtime SDKs” and “Esri’s Web 3D technology”

Disconnected Apps are a very handy technology when you are developing Apps for people that cannot be online all the time, for places that has bad or no data reception, or just to save money off data plans. The only drawback is that if someone is editing the same area as someone else…the last man wins. Thus there is no versioning and no way to resolve manually conflicts.

I already written in the past an article about the Web 3D technology but since then the viewer has evolved significantly. Now you don’t have to wait to load the scene but you load the models in a streaming way asynchronously.

Also we found especially interesting the fact that esri from now on is publishing anything that they considers “free to share” at github.

Last but not least everyone can download any runtime SDKs for free and test their application and especially for viewing applications esri no longer requires a paid license even for deployment.

If everything goes right, we plan to attend the Palm Springs Esri Dev Summit in March…It will be an interesting experience since we’ve never been outside Europe.

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