ICIS 2013

This week, I attended ICIS 2013 as a guest. Obviously, the conference topic may be way of my interests, but I did get to enjoy quite a few presentations and had a few interesting interactions.

One Phd student, in particular, that approached us, and after me explaining him that my background is not of an academic nature and the only relation I had with IS is from the industry’s point of view. He made a remark about not being easy to pick up ideas at such a conference and couldn’t understand my presence. And from his point of view, that was true. From my point on the other hand was quite easy to spot that some underlying ideas behind a some papers were already applied at an industry level. Which actually says a few things about how students think. Like …they seriously need to speed up some processes, realizing that creating a bridge between theoretical and practical applications, is at some cases applicable.

Another thing that surprised me, is that academics at this conference find it weird every time I mention that we occasionally send papers and participate at conferences. And because I do not want to be unfair,they do have a point since the Guest badges were extremely rare. Personally I’ve noticed 3. All other Badges where Academics, Doctoral Students and staff.

Apart from the Conference, both Milan and the University are absolutely amazing. I love the post industrial architecture, although it’s a bit tiring seeing Prada Stores in every other corner but since I’ll never be able to afford any of these stuff, so I don’t give a damn. There are no words to describe the food, but i guess that is common logic when it comes to Italy.

And here are a couple of pretty pictures from Milan.


nice view

near duomo

lots of shops