geonetwork queries

Recently we had a project that a part of it was about querying a local Geonetwork server from a custom interface and being able to project both the returned XML schema as well as the results’ bounding box into a OpenLayers map.

For several reasons, I didn’t want to use a server side language so I just went ahead and did everything in Javascript.

I know that such thing is nothing special. It’s just figuring out how to form the XML request the way Geonetwork requires it.

So after writing the whole thing up. I thought, why not publishing the JavaScript code at a  github project. You never know someone might need such solution in the future.

It obviously doesn’t work out of the box, since it was written in a hurry and based on a particular interface, but its pretty obvious how it works, to anyone who writes JavaScript.

I intend to write detailed comments as to what does what and whats the purpose of all those variables, as well as to make it a bit more generic.