Generic Clients for GeoServer

Third post this year. Charming :-)

I’ll start with a little gossip.

One member of our team (and probably the most important) left the current company that we were collaborating with and the rest of us are more or less still debating whether we should follow his lead or not. Time will sort things out I guess.

In the mean time, I decided to write a small gis app, that functions as a generic interface for Published Geoserver Layers (or any other ogc compatible GIS server).

The need arose after writing several demo apps for various projects…and since as they say “a good programmer is a lazy programmer”. Which in my case translates to

“I hate to repeat, over and over and over my work with minor configuration changes”.

I decided to write something like this and share it with the world.


Custom OpenLayer Control

Today I decided to write a small tutorial on how to write a custom control in Openlayers (2.x) that can identify a wfs feature without the wfs being displayed in the map.
The data I am working are mainly polygons, they cover the whole area that the project focuses because they obey a basic topology (no overlapping and no gaps).

  • Step: One
  • we have to name our control, so I choose the obvious name Identify

  • Step: Two
  • what is important is to write the initialize function and decide what handler our control will use, OpenLayers has several handlers that one can use. In this Controls we will use the Click Handler because we need the user to click and map also we need to define some default options for it


ArcMap Custom Tools

Posts in this blog are a rare thing. The main problem is that we don’t really have a lot of time, plus we can’t share most things that are being developed in the company that we are currently collaborating with. (not to mention that I am soon to become a dad and thus time will be even more limited)

Nevertheless lately we had among other things to develop some custom tools and add-ins for esri’s ArcMap platform. Although we are usually against developing plugins for non expert users on such complex platforms (we prefer developing a standalone engine based application) due to a lot of restrictions and security mechanisms we were in a sense forced to accept such solution.

Among this solution we developed some simplified editing tools for less expert users. A generalized version of those tools are now available at git-hub.