Oracle Universal Installer

Today we had a, what it seems, minor task of installing a Oracle Database instance on a remote server. But for some unknown reason we kept getting the following console output and then …nothing.

So we set onto the unknown searching throughout oracle website, forums, blogs, google …and got almost nothing.  Just a big load of crap concerning rare cases about remote installation failures etc.

After a lot of searching we found in the oracle database forums a post by a single person that said that for some reason Oracle Universal Installer fails to Launch while your installation drive has ~ 3TB empty space. Ours had ~2.6TB but still the launcher failed, so with a big more digging we found out that Oracle for some reason (probably cause 3TB didnt exist on the oracle database latest release)  didnt support >2TB drives.

Bottom Line we had to trick the system by creating an empty 1TB file using fsutil

And it worked!

Obviously ;-)